Jan. 11th, 2014

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Делюсь мп3шкой, раз уж она у меня есть.

Hampson (baritone), Rutenberg (piano) / Song of America
Minnesota Public Radio
Broadcast: 10 Jul 2009
Minnesota Beethoven Festival in Winona, 9/7/2009
  1. My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free
    Composer: Francis Hopkinson
  2. Open Thy Lattice, Love
    Composer: Stephen Foster
  3. Old American Songs, Set 1 - The Dodger
    Composer: Aaron Copland
  4. The Circus Band
    Composer: Charles Ives
  5. Songs (8), Op. 47 - The Sea
    Composer: Edward MacDowell
  6. Old American Songs, Set 2 - The Golden Willow Tree
    Composer: Aaron Copland
  7. Memories of Lincoln
    Composer: William Harold Neidlinger
  8. Look Down Fair Moon
    Composer: Charles Naginski
  9. In Flanders Fields
    Composer: Charles Ives
  10. God Be In My Heart
    Composer: Elinor Remick Warren
  11. The Divine Image
    Composer: Virgil Thomson
  12. Songfest
    Composer: Leonard Bernstein
  13. By a Lonely Forest Pathway
    Composer: Charles Tomlinson Griffes
  14. Twilight, Op. 2, no 1
    Composer: Amy Marcy Cheney Beach
  15. Tell me, oh blue, blue sky
    Composer: Vittorio Giannini
  16. Lonely People
    Composer: Jean Berger
  17. Blue Mountain Ballads
    Composer: Paul Bowles
    • Heavenly Grass
    • Lonesome Man
    • Cabin
    • Sugar in the Cane

  18. Richard Cory
    Composer: John Woods Duke
  19. Charlie Rutlage
    Composer: Charles Ives
  20. Song of the Deathless Voice
    Composer: Arthur Farwell
  21. General William Booth
    Composer: Sidney Homer
  22. Danny Deever, Op. 2, no 7
    Composer: Walter Damrosch
  23. Traditional: Shenandoah
    Arranger: Stephen White
  24. Copland: Old American Songs, Set 1 - The Boatmen's Dance
    Composer: Aaron Copland

Мне вообще нравятся хэмпсоновские концерты, которые неоперные. Потому что он умеет так:

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